What do you get when you combine American ex-pats, a love of good beer and hockey, and a surly attitude? The answer just might lie in one of the first microbreweries in Guanacaste: Angry Goats Brewery (AGB) in Playa del Coco.

Angry Goats Brewery actually gets its start with a Colorado beer league hockey team, known more for its anti-social attitude than actual hockey play. The team took its name from their team captain, John (nicknamed Goat), and the anger of the team for their perpetual losing streak. The team had a tradition of drinking kegs of John’s homebrew in the parking lot after games.

John, a brewer, would go on to become the head brewer at AGB when it opened in 2015. Renowned for his home brews, John trained at American breweries to hone his skills and recipes before signing on at Angry Goats Brewery as one of the founding partners.

So, why Playa del Coco, and why a penchant for North American and European-style beers? The answer to this question lies in its simplicity. When founding partner Eric moved from the United States to Costa Rica, he noticed a lack of beer diversity in the Guanacaste region. After many discussions on what it would take to have to some good choices in Guanacaste for Eric, his friends, and visitors, an idea was launched: if we’re going to make good beer for us and friends, why not offer it to the entire region?

From there the idea took off. Starting humbly on a 1/2-barrel system in the catacombs of the old Coconutz Sports Bar & Grill, AGB launched a five-beer lineup that included an IPA, Porter, Amber, Golden Ale and Pale Ale. Here AGB would offer full-bodied beers with good hop profiles in paradise.

The brewery held its grand opening in October 2015 and was an immediate hit. Angry Goats Brewery is well-known along the Pacific side of Costa Rica, with growth continuing in other regions. In 2017, a large expansion began at AGB to coincide with the renovation of the building housing Coconutz Sports Bar & Grill.

The other founders of AGB consist of a CEO, managers, supervisors, banker, financial advisor, carpenter, former military (Special Ops), professor, salesmen, and internet gurus. Most are self-starters and well some are non-starters, but good beer drinkers and fun to be around, for a very short time…two hours max.

Stop by and talk with the AGB staff and ask about some of the beer drinking, hockey and brewing stories. Some are so infamous they have titles or our beer is named after them. Titles like: Javelin, moose pile, horse collar, pecking order, fake taxi, pain level ten, etc. A lot of these stories seem to revolve around one very angry dwarf goat.

With state-of-the-art brewing and bottling, Angry Goats Brewery is poised to take Costa Rica — and the world — by storm.