AGB would like to introduce our new Head Brewer, Dani. Dani has worked for the food and beverage industry for years in Michigan and Tennessee. Dani decided to take a leave of absence from work and do some volunteer work abroad which brought her to Costa Rica. She volunteered with a local farm to experience a new culture. Towards the end of her volunteer time, she stumbled upon the AGB and started as an intern with ABG. She quickly moved into the Assistant Brewer position and would fill in for the Head Brewer when he returned to the states. Now she is the Head Brewer for AGB! 

Born and raised in small town Hartland, Michigan I’ve spent the last 10 years developing my taste and passion for craft beer. My oldest brother introduced me to the craft and I’ve been intrigued by the process ever since. Fortunately, thanks to him, the first beer I sipped was a local handcrafted ale bursting with flavor, body and aroma. Flavors I’ve been yearning for ever since. What’s more is I love the community craft beer has created. It’s offered local business owners a platform to provide a hand crafted beverage, place for locals and


tourists to hang out while increasing job opportunities across the globe. Beer brings people together from all walks of life and I’ve always been a huge fan of that  component. Fast forward to a couple years ago I had been living and working in Nashville, Tennessee. That is where I made the decision to take a leave of absence and indulge in volunteer work/travel abroad. Turns out Costa Rica is the safest (ish) place for a solo female to travel. The country is packed full of absolute beauty and wonderful people- so that was it! I packed up my backpack, tent, left the comforts of my home and set out on an adventure full of the unknown for 9 weeks (so I thought) to live in my tent, volunteer with a local farm and experience a new culture. Towards the end of my time volunteering in Playa Del Coco I stumbled upon Angry Goats Brewery. I introduced myself to the guys and asked if I could spend a day watching them brew. They laughed thinking I wasn’t serious and said “yeah ok be here at 6am”, to their surprise I showed up at 6 on the dot and didn’t leave. It was hot, dirty, gritty, long, tedious work and I loved it! From that day I walked about 40 mins each way from my tent-home for nearly a month, my last month, the month I had planned on using to spend the rest of my time traveling the country until I was scheduled to return home back to my “real job”. February 2015, instead of going back I jumped into the position as assistant brewer. Last week I was offered the position as head brewer and I’m grateful to have been afforded the opportunity by these guys. Angry Goats is a team I’m proud to represent and be a part of. It didn’t occur to me until recently that this field isn’t exactly flooded with female brewers so I’m excited to share my perspective and beer with the world. I certainly didn’t go after this job because it was mostly dominated by men but rather because I’m genuinely interested in making great beer. To support my new role my fiancé will be moving to join me on this new adventure. Looking forward to a year of great beer, cheers!

We are also sorry to say good bye to “The GOAT” (John Ruyak). He has been the mastermind for all the great AGB brews. He will be missed and we at AGB thank him very much for everything he has sacrificed and done for this great brewery. We would not be where we are if it were not for him. John is heading back to the States to spend more time with his awesome family.

Please stop by ABG and introduce yourself to our new Head Brewer, Dani. She will share her passion of craft beer with you. She might even have an AGB nickname by then.