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Hammer Head

Alcohol 4.6% ABV - N/A IBU

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Keg Blower-Hazy IPA

Alcohol 6.7% ABV - 42 IBU

Our hazy, juicy, tropical hazy IPA pulls on the hop additions primarily for aroma- emphasizing more on the flavor and less on bitterness. It’s light bright color, soft mouth feel and creamy/smooth head is a result of the combination of wheat and flaked oats added to the mash process attributing to the beautiful haze and body. Mosaic and Azacca are just a couple of the stars that went into this show!

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Mango Lime American Wheat

Alcohol 4.1% ABV - 25 IBU

Zesty, bright, flavorful, crisp medium bodied ale with a mildly sweet and bready malt flavor. Willamette hops add herbal, floral notes combined with fresh mango and lime to create an American Wheat bursting with delicious fruit overtone in aroma and flavor.

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Mango Hefeweizen

Alcohol 4.5% ABV - 22 IBU

A spin on the classic. This Hefeweizen took a walk on the tropical wild side. Pairing fresh tropical mango with our Hefeweizen is a match made in heaven. Especially on a hot Costa Rica day. A crisp mouth feel, light hop profile with flavors of bananas, cloves, spice and a light mango finish makes this a refreshing choice on a summer afternoon.

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Pipa Porter

Alcohol 5.8% ABV - 28 IBU

A dark velvety ale offering a hint of chocolate, coffee tones and a soft toasted coconut finish. The dark, deep rich body balanced with a subtle twist of coconut and creamy head will keep your mind on the tropical vibes of Costa Rica- after all, we do brew in Playa Del Coco? This is our tribute to the town. This ale is smooth with a low alcohol content and modest hop profile.

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Howler IPA

Alcohol 6.7% ABV - 60 IBU

Big bitter hoppy profile, higher alcohol content. Flavors of orange and grapefruit complimented by a crisp medium body make this the perfect beer for any IPA lover. A variety of Cascade, Azacca, Columbus and Mosaic attribute to the experience of this hoppy handcrafted IPA.

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Leafcutter Pale Ale

Alcohol 5.8% ABV - 36 IBU

Our west coast inspired American-style Pale Ale is a clean, bright ale with an assertive hop profile. This crisp ale offers a variety of Citra, cascade and Bravo hops to add a hoppy flavor profile supported by a nice full medium body and refreshing, mildly bitter finish.

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White Tip Hefeweizen

Alcohol 4.9% ABV - 17 IBU

Hefeweizen which translates to “wheat beer with yeast” is our version of the German classic. This is a crisp, refreshing option to enjoy on a warm sunny day in Costa Rica. 50% Wheat and 50% Barley combined with a special yeast adds to the unique characteristics of this beer. You might notice clove aromas, banana, bubblegum and a little spice on the nose. The heavy wheat profile combined with high carbonation, a low hop profile and low alcohol content makes this beer easy to drink on any occasion.

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Golden Iguana

Alcohol 4.3% ABV - 20 IBU

A bright, light bodied ale with a crisp clean finish is a take on the classic first born and brewed in Cologne, Germany. This Kölsch style ale is well balanced and approachable with a light hop aroma showcasing light herbal, floral character. The light carbonation makes this a smooth, crisp ale that refreshes.

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Lapa Roja

Alcohol N/A ABV - N/A IBU

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Guanacaste Gold

Alcohol 4% ABV - 18 IBU

A nice, smooth bready malt profile that compliments the balance of light floral hop flavors. Easy approachable beer. Malt semi-sweetness hits up front with a biscuity character. The carbonation helps open up the subtle hops while adding complexity and allowing the flavors to linger on the tongue for a crisp clean finish.

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46.9 Amber

Alcohol 5.4% ABV - 25 IBU

Caramel in color and flavor with a tiny hint of spice. New to craft beers or just not a fan of hoppier beers? Our 46.9 Amber offers a nice, smooth, balanced body from the British Dark Crystal Malts, a light easy hop profile and lower alcohol content. This smooth, medium bodied approachable ale pairs well with all things BBQ and grilled sandwiches.

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Lazy Hazy IPA

Alcohol N/A ABV - N/A IBU

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Easy IPA

Alcohol 5.5% ABV - N/A IBU

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